the futile the futile it out weighs the beautiful

amanda c:
i'm 20.
my dream is to own a farm, it'll be full of miniature horses and cows. and they'll be herded by corgi's and mini australian shepherds.










who the girl in the first pic tho

God has a sense of balance.

Lmfaoo ppl so crazy

Proof that a lot of people are stupid as hell and weak lol

They were ready to wife her for her ass

So fucking sad

Lmao I hate y’all

Ive caught guys looking at old ladies booties. Yall gotta chill with this ass thing.


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When I started making those weird voices, a lot of people told me how whack it was,” she says, “‘What the fuck are you doing?’ they’d say. ‘Why do you sound like that? That doesn’t sound sexy to me.’ And then I started saying, Oh, that’s not sexy to you? Good. I’m going to do it more. Maybe I don’t want to be sexy for you today.

most emotional scenes from a:tla (as voted by my followers)

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a group of guys going out:hell yeah man i'm gonna get fucked up and if i find a hot girl i wanna take home i might need a wingman just fyi
a group of girls going out:okay ladies remember we're going in in formation B so we don't lose sight of one another, but if there's any trouble we decided on secret hand gesture alpha-6. don't accept drinks from anybody, we just can't risk it tonight. stacey, did you print out the blueprints of the frat house? oh i see you color coded it so we know which areas have the highest population density and which rooms are well lit, excellent. marie i need that report on incidents of date rape from the last five years. thanks. alright, i think we're all set then. remember the buddy system. let's have a wild night ladies, but stay safe.


Prince Edward (1965) - Prince George (2014)

Peasants. Ugh.

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The rot just looks at the pit like “you gunna say me right?”
And then looks so happy that the pit did.

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